Transdisciplinary approaches in design views contemporary problems in the sense that no one discipline can solve our shared global, systemic problems.

Therefore as designers, Design for Agency practices the belief that we must employ methods and tools that help disparate fields and networks collaborate on these issues, at the same time constructing new ways to tackle problems together. The case studies outlined here are only a sample of the ways design can work in this domain.

Taylor's work has been featured on Parson's School of Design Strategies blog, selected for a design residency in Brussels, Belgium and Lille, France, and has been showcased in New York, NY Roubaix and Paris, France.

When she's not plotting her next move, she can be found painting, de-compressing doing yoga or exploring her home city of New York (or any city for that matter) for new music, informal exchange communities and art of all kinds. You can reach her at taylor@designforagency.com.