Site / Partners

East River Park,
Lower East Side, NYC
Partnership for Parks
Parsons DESIS Lab


Strategist, public outreach designer exhibit design, graphic design


Elizabeth Blasi
Gulraiz Khan
Colleen Doyle
Lara Penin
Eduardo Staszowski


design space:

project criteria:


In New York City governance, local voices are crucial, yet lack true representation. How can design create a way for municipal and private entities to communicate on an approachable level to achieve desired results, garnered from the heart of a community?

Must connect directly to neighborhood residents to glean valuable insights to inform local government decision making. 

Probes to gain primary and secondary research:

  • Observed community board meeting to assess current interactions
  • Setting visualizing boards in public park for people to share  their
    visions for east river park
  • Showcased local insights and visions in a public exhibition --   included interactive stations to further gain local insights



visioning boards:

We designed and built physical visioning frames for residents of the Lower East Side to actually draw and envision future aspects of the East Side Park  – including residents young, old, and non-human (pets).


exhibit space:

A physical platform where artist, civic, capital and resident park proposals were displayed and where the neighborhood felt like their voices were heard and were considered into the civic planning process. This process helps gain trust from the community, which inspires more participation overall. 



A multi-disciplinary exploration of the civic issue under consideration, as well as to ensure the most current and innovative ideas are brought to the table in considering the solution. The fellowship will consult with exhibition curators as it evolves.