Rockaway Beach, Queens


Strategist, workshop design and
facilitator, design researcher,
methodology design, graphic design


Rockaway Artist Alliance,
YANA (You Are Never Alone)
Patricia Bierne

design space:

By using collaborative making as an alternative form of exchange, we can take our scarce, individual resources and combine them with our neighbors’ resources to collaboratively make, or achieve, objectives.
This form of commoning intends to both sustain and build upon the commons, while re-building local resilience through cooperation and skill building.


This approach must convey a value-added aspect, since
    it requires physical work and planning from participants.
• Model must be based on non-monetary exchange, and
    inspire creative problem solving.

primary and
secondary probes:

• Designed workshops to gauge relevancy.
• Researched breadth of sharing-based organizations and initiatives.

• Staged prototypes for implementation to gain insights and devlop
  next steps further.


Platform(s) for collaborative making and creative agency that allow us to become active producers by turning our owned items into open-access resources available once again to the public domain. These processes are intended to use community participation and circular production to break our dependency on money to achieve daily and long-term objectives.