At Design for Agency, we believe systemic change begins at the level of the community.

Building Blocks is our bottom-up innovation approach that leads neighbors through a design process that addresses a shared quality of life issue.

Our current installment of this project is happening in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

We deploy this methodology with groups who are interested in building community, whether to bring neighbors together or to fortify economic or resource insecure neighborhoods.


We are currently leading a dedicated group of individuals who care about the neighborhood of Flatbush and Ditmas Park Brooklyn to design innovative ways we can address waste issues in the neighborhood.

Our wonderful partner, Q Gardens has offered up their trees for the task. They have identified the three unprotected trees outside of their garden as a micro site for collecting garbage and adding to the cycle of continuous littering and lack of care for our public spaces.

Design for Agency spend four months in 2017 researching common concerns among Flatbush residents to uncover a topic to begin our collaborative design project. We discovered that the top three cocnerns in the area are:

1) Housing Affordability
2) Waste Problems
3) Lifting NYers out of Poverty

Pushing forward with waste since it is the most tangible, we have conducted many pop-up workshops to dig deeper into the specifics of the waste problems in Flatbush, to gather insights to present to the hands-on working groups